Accounting Work-Integrated-Learning and CO-OP Program

培训课程  quickbooks



  • Excel  
  • QuickBooks
  • Simply Accounting
  • CaseWare cantax logo
  • CanTax T1 Plus
  • CanTax T2 & CT23 
  • Payroll software logo-caseware


We provide the WIL (Working Integrated Learning) program for would-be accountants such as the new comers and new graduates. WIL program is simply accounting 150designed to provide the participants with an opportunity to obtain professional experiences in an accounting firm's working environment. The participants will be prepared pay-todfor employment in both the small and large corporation  environments, service, professional firms, manufacturing, retails, whole sales, etc. 

The program helps the new comers and new graduates to gain the full-cycle accounting working experiences in Canada by working on the real case and practicing the knowledge that they have learned in college, thus fill the skill gap between school and working practice.

Through the WIL program, the participants will:

  • Learn to use the most popular accounting software such as QuickBooks, Simply Accounting
  • Handle real cases for different kinds of businesses such as restaurants, manufacturing, services, etc.
  • Get familiar with receipts, invoices, and bills
  • Learn how to sort the original document and how to organize them on spreadsheet
  • Learn how to do Bank Reconciliation, Accountants Receivable and Accounts Payable, how to keep the track of those accounts
  • Experience with a range of practical skills to deal more effectively with company's accounting works
  • Practice creative thinking and work techniques that help think openly, work flexibility, and apply these skills to a work environment.
  • Develop reasoning skill to help analyze financial statement and respond, appropriately to a variety of work situations
  • Learn how to make understanding accounting records to improve the efficiency of business operations
  • Understand how bookkeeping works in real working environment and how accounting can help in managing a business

The participants will practice following accounting process with real cases:

  • Deal with bookkeeping, A/R, A/P, Payroll and taxation
  • Accurately verified and distributed invoices receivable
  • Process invoicing payment for deposit
  • Verify invoices payable and issue payment
  • Prepared bank and cash disbursements and with transfers
  • Process personal expense reports
  • Tabulate and submit tax remittances
  • Prepare sales journey and cash receipts journals
  • Draft year-end trial balances and financial statements
  • Update files, setup new company and maintain statement
  • Review payroll by using payroll software
  • Adjust year-end files based on resource of company during the fiscal year

The software that are used in the program includes:

  • Excel (draft accounting docs and organize the origianl docs)
  • QuickBooks (Bookkeeping & Financial Report)
  • Simply Accounting (Bookkeeping & Financial Report)
  • CaseWare (Bookkeeping & Financial Report)
  • CanTax T1 (Persons Tax)
  • CanTax T2 & CT23 (Corporation Tax)
  • Payroll software

Following are some case examples that the participants will be working on:

Service Inc.
  • Setup new company
  • Write checks
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Sort bills and invoices
  • Spreadsheet skill
  • Make journal entries
Restaurant Ltd.
  • Setup new company
  • Write checks
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Spread sheet skill for bank payment, cash payment, sales
  • Make journal entries
  • year-end closing
  • GST, PST remittance
Manufacturing Ltd.
  • Setup new company
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Credit card
  • Bookkeeping
  • CPP, EI, Income Tax Reductions
  • Payroll Remittance
Income Tax
  • T1 Personal & T2, CT23 Incorporation Tax
  • Preparing T4 & T4A






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